Each personal trainer on our professional team places great importance on continuing education. A criticism we hold of the personal training industry are that both trainers and clients alike do not take enough initiative to self-educate on important areas within health and fitness.

With a desire to better your education on topics related to health and fitness, it is imperative to identify accurate and reliable resources from which to extract knowledge from. Within evidence-based fitness, there are several highly useful resources we recommend to expand your knowledge base.

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A select number of authors, researchers and professional personal trainers operate at the top of the health and fitness industry.  Here are our recommendations for following:

Joseph Agu
Alan Aragon
Dr. Jose Antonio
Brett Bartholomew
Dr. Bret Contreras
Borge Fagerli
Sara Gottfried
Stephan Guyenet

Israel Halperin
Eric Helms
Menno Henselmans
Dr. James Hoffmann
Dr. Mike Israetel
Dan John
Dr. Carl Juneau
James Krieger

Martin Macdonald
Lyle McDonald
Dr. Stuart McGill
Dr. Spencer Nadolsky
Greg Nuckols
Dan Pardi
Kamal Patel
Professor Stuart Phillips

Mark Rippetoe
Dr. Brad Schoenfeld
Dean Somerset
Jorn Trommelen
Nick Tumminello
Andrew Vigotsky
Professor Darren Willoughby
Michael Zourdos


Podcasts are an excellent medium to acquire up-to-date information on various topics within health and fitness.  They are also highly useful for identifying influential members within the evidence-based fitness community.  Here are some podcasts we listen to.

Guru Performance –  Laurent Bannock
The Jeff Nippard Podcast – Jeff Nippard
Iraki Nutrition – Juma Iraki
Revolution Health Radio – Chris Kresser
Sigma Nutrition – Danny Lennon
JPS Health & Fitness Podcast – Jacob Schepis


There are a number of outstanding conferences, seminars and workshops that take place each year around the world.  These events host some of the most reputable fitness professionals in the industry and reveal the latest in evidence-based fitness research and practice.  Here are some of the events our team has attended and highly recommend:

AFPT Fitness Convention – Oslo, Norway
International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) Conference & Expo – Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.
Strong Summit – Toronto, Canada
Personal Trainer Collective – Bath, England


One of the best ways to stay current with new information related to health and fitness is to subscribe to a credible research review.  These reviews are headed by top fitness professionals and researchers who disseminate published research and present the information in an easy to read monthly summary.  Here are the monthly research reviews we subscribe to:

Alan Aragon Research Review – Alan Aragon
MASS – Eric Helms, Greg Nuckols, Mike Zourdos
Strength & Conditioning Research – Chris Beardsley, Bret Contreras
Weightology – James Krieger


Social media platforms are the modern-day medium to stay connected.  You will find the majority of evidence-based fitness professionals and organisations utilising social media platforms to connect with their audience.  These platforms can often be useful for acquiring new information, staying up-to-date with events and current research, and interacting with fitness professionals.  Here are some individuals we follow on their social medium platform:

Instagram @bayesianbodybuilding – Menno Henselmans
Instagram @nick_tumminello – Nick Tumminello
Instagram @helms3dmj – Eric Helms
Instagram @dsomerset1 – Dean Somerset
Instagram @soheefit – Sohee Lee

Facebook @gregory.nuckols – Greg Nuckols
Facebook @alan.aragon796 – Aland Aragon
Facebook @brad.schoenfeld.cscs – Brad Schoenfeld
Facebook @bretcontreras – Bret Contreras
Facebook @biolayne – Layne Norton

Twitter @ericcressey – Eric Cressey
Twitter @zenkamal – Kamal Patal
Twitter @mackinprof – Stuart Phillips
Twitter @stirproftip – Kevin Tipton
Twitter @laurent_bannock – Laurent Bannock


If you identify the right books, they can become powerful learning resources to progress your health and fitness knowledge.  Books provide more detailed information on a given subject matter and often include useful visuals to consolidate learning.  Here are some of the right books:

Serious Strength Training – Tudor Bompa
The Muscle and Strength Pyramids – Eric Helms
The Stubborn Fat Solution – Lyle McDonald
M.A.X. Muscle Plan – Brad Schoenfeld
Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy – Brad Schoenfeld
Science and Practice of Strength Training – Valdimir Zatsiorsky