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We are certified personal trainers in Edinburgh and members of the Representatives of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and Health Professions Council.

With a complete lack of regulation for personal training in Edinburgh, there has been a progressive decline in the standard of personal training services.  We see this among personal trainers that fail to structure and record client exercise, formalise and track nutrition, or place any focus on client education and mindset.  This is evidenced by an increasing number of personal training related injuries, unsatisfied client reports, and failed goal attainment.

Our objective is to change the way personal training in Edinburgh is being delivered by creating a new standard that respects individual differences and uses structure and planning to accelerate goal attainment.

We use a comprehensive approach to personal training that is centred on your objectives and creating a clear path for meeting these objectives .  We understand the importance of combining exercise and nutrition for goal achievement and our work continually demonstrates that structured exercise and nutrition are superior than informal prescription for accelerating progress.  Therefore, our approach translates your objectives into comprehensive exercise and nutrition plans that function to maximise your progress.  We also understand the importance of developing individual strategies for success, and an integral component of our work involves teaching you about how to align your thinking and behaviour with your objectives.

As you reserve the right to select your personal trainer, we similarly maintain the right to select our clients.  We look to work only with individuals strongly committed to achieving their desired health and fitness goals and demonstrate this commitment through discipline and consistency with our instruction.  Also, as part of being motivators we create accountability with our clients.  We build consistency by holding our clients responsible for following our prescription, so they demonstrate the same commitment to their goals as we do.  In return, we use our professional abilities, knowledge and experience to provide the required instruction, guidance and essential motivation to accelerate progress and achieve results.

As each individual invariably searches for the best personal trainer in Edinburgh, it is important to first identify the standard that all trainers should be operating within.  We invite you to explore our site to gain more information on our standard of service and please feel free to contact us for any additional information.

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Our Services



As each client is different in his or her goals, fitness experience, health background, challenges and even personalities, every client journey is unique.  Here you can listen to our clients share their experiences and hear about some of the challenges we helped them overcome. 


Our YouTube channel is our favourite platform for interacting with our audience.  Our channel allows us to connect with clients and like-minded fitness individuals to provide useful content and showcase more about who we are.   Every week we create and share new videos related to fitness, nutrition and health and give our audience the opportunity to interact with us.

On our website, you will also find a video gallery where you can find more videos specific to providing content on nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle practice.

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Personal Trainer Edinburgh


To support further learning, we have complied a number of credible and useful resources  related to exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle practice.  These include recommended authors and researchers, podcasts, journals, books, research papers and websites. 


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